Lavrov called Zelenský's words about meeting Putin a fantasy

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Matters Sergei Lavrov of Russia commented on a statement by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about his desire to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

According to him, there have already been many statements about these meetings. Recently, “ someone from the Green Office & # 39; & # 39; he said Putin was reportedly ready for the meeting, but his entourage “ did not recommend that he meet Zelenský one-on-one, as the outcome of such a meeting may be unexpected. ''

“ “This is the current consciousness and I will not even comment on it, “Lavrov emphasized on the sidelines of the meeting of the international discussion club Valdai.

The Minister is sure that if you respond to all public statements from Kiev about possible contacts, then it may not be enough. “Even fiction to cover it all” “They fantasize everywhere and every day,” Lavrov added.

The Russian minister also expressed the opinion that the North Atlantic Alliance “buried” the main rule establishing the Russia-NATO Council. He specified that he meant the opportunity to consult urgently in crisis situations.

According to Lavrov, neither in these NATO actions nor in the evaluation of the suspension of the Russian permanent mission during the organization “No need to look for logic.”

Earlier, the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that so far there are no particular prospects for a meeting between Putin and Zelenský. He added that it is the Ukrainian authorities that do not comply with the Minsk agreements. According to Peskov, Ukraine is currently implementing a bill on the so-called transitional period, which will de facto mean the withdrawal of Kiev from the Minsk agreements.


Vladimir Putin refused to go to the G20 in Rome

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Vladimir Putin declined personal participation in the G20 summit in Rome.

According to the Kremlin press service in an interview with the Prime Minister of the host country Mario Draghi, the head of state expressed readiness to attend plenary sessions via video link. Putin previously said that attending international summits endangers the lives of a large number of people who accompany him on trips.

“ It's not about me, & # 39; & # 39; the president answered the question of whether it is true that he avoids attending international meetings because he fears coronavirus infection.

The Kremlin Press Service has previously reported that the question of the possibility of Vladimir Putin's full-day participation in G20 events will be taken on the basis of the epidemiological situation in Russia and Italy. & nbsp;

In Italy, the situation is currently stable and Russia is the most problematic country in Europe in terms of morbidity and mortality.


Peskov acknowledged the state's responsibility for the failure of vaccination

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Dmitry Peskov told reporters that in general in Russia there is a tradition of blaming the state for everything. “But if it has not yet been possible to convince citizens that vaccination (against coronavirus – MK) has no alternative, then there is responsibility,” he said, adding that the state “always feels and knows its share of responsibility.”

According to Peskov, not everything was needed to inform the population and explain that there is no alternative to vaccination and the dangers of coronavirus. “But at the same time, a more responsible position of the country's citizens is needed,” a Kremlin spokesman stressed.

He added that the state is obliged to create conditions for mass vaccination against COVID-19 and, according to Peskov, coped well with it.

The presidential spokesman was skeptical about the introduction of federal premium payments to stimulate vaccination. Some actions related to cash incentives and pricing in the regions may take place, “but the head payment is hardly possible,” Peskov said.


The Americans predicted war after Russia suspended its mission in NATO


US residents commented Russia's decision to repay the expulsion of diplomats to NATO. Readers of Fox News believe that the alliance has long since lost its significance. The political situation in the world is only deteriorating due to its existence.

Some are confident that mankind is facing a major military conflict. According to one user, NATO is now behaving like it did in the 1990s, when “no one in the world could resist its aggression.” And now the alliance's defense organization has changed to a “ hooligan who waged wars around the world. ''

Another user stressed that China wanted a war for Taiwan. In this context, Russia is suspending its NATO mission, and this happened “after it became Beijing's new best friend.” “Thanks to Joe Biden for paving the way for World War III,” he said in a commentary on the article.

Reader Drowlord101 is confident that NATO's entire plan was exhausted decades ago. Still, & nbsp; those behind the organization “ desperately fought to preserve its funds and power.“

Another user pointed out that it was easy to accuse Russia of severing ties. But the day before the rift, “the Pentagon said NATO's doors were essentially open to Ukraine and Georgia.” These are retaliatory measures by the Russian Federation to withdraw the accreditation of eight Russian diplomats.

Meanwhile, the US State Department did not comment on this step by Moscow. At the same time, Ned Price, the head of the Foreign Ministry's press service, emphasized that NATO was not changing its policy towards Russia.


Overchuk: Russia and the US plan to hold new climate meetings


Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexey Overchuk said that the US President's Climate Commissioner for Climate Action had put forward a proposal to hold Russian-US climate meetings at the level of relevant ministries.

This proposal was made when Overchuk visited Washington, where he held meetings, including with US President's Adviser on National Security Jake Sullivan and Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

“The climate will be continued,” said Overchuk channel Soloviev Live Youtube


British newspapers did not see a threat in “Nord Stream – 2”


The British Daily Express has published a publication in which reporters said they did not see a threat in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for London.

They clarified that in a recent statement by the Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Quasi Quartenghi stated that the British authorities did not support the project. According to her, the state does not need gas storage facilities for long-term fuel storage.

“Unlike our EU partners, we are much less dependent on fuel supplies from Russia,” Quartengi added.

The publication of the publication states that the pipeline will not have an impact on gas supplies to the United Kingdom and therefore does not pose a threat to the country.


It has been revealed why there are many girls in the Marines

Who are the “black berets” and why do they say they are not equal

Black beret, dark blue jacket, anchor on the sleeve. Marine uniforms are not to be confused with anyone else's uniforms. “Where we are, there is victory!” Is their motto, more than once confirmed actions. The best sailors among sailors and the best sailors among sailors. The MK correspondent visited a separate brigade of Pacific Fleet sailors and found out what tasks the representatives of the military elite face.

Photo: Eastern Military District Press Service

The 22nd Stream of Extreme Journalism “ Bastion & # 39; & # 39; this year took place in the amazing city of Vladivostok. In order to fully immerse themselves in the military life of journalists who came from different parts of our vast homeland, they settled in the real barracks of the local Marine Brigade. The repairmen, whose cabins and beds we occupied during the training, were on duty on a business trip at that time. But the very knowledge that you are sleeping on the bed of a representative of the military elite, & nbsp; could only arouse professional interest and a desire to find out who they are & ndash; warriors of the three elements.

Marines & mdash; a branch of the Naval Coastal Forces, designed and specially prepared for combat during airborne operations, as well as for the defense of naval bases, important parts of the coast and coastal facilities. & nbsp; Marines & mdash; & nbsp; the only branch of Russian troops capable of landing both from the sea and from the air.

Danil Mupkin, Deputy Commander of the Military-Political Work Brigade, told me little before the start of our conversation about the history of the Pacific Fleet's independent brigade.

HELP & laquo; MK & raquo;

In August 1963, the 390th Motorized Rifle Regiment was transferred from the Far Eastern Military District to the Pacific Fleet with its transformation into a separate naval regiment. It was based in the village of Slavyanka in the Primorsky Territory.

From 1967, sailors who were part of the operational squadrons of the USSR Navy were sent to all the hot spots that arose in the world and where the interests of the Soviet Union were affected.

In 1967, after the Third Arab-Israeli War (the “Six Day War”), an operational squadron of ships from the Black and Northern Fleets was formed in the Mediterranean. The squadron also included the 309th Independent Battalion of the Marine Corps.

In August 1967, on the basis of the 390th Naval Regiment, the formation of the 55th Naval Division began. By December 1, 1968, the formation of the division's leadership, two marine regiments, a tank regiment, artillery units, and other divisional special units and subunits that were part of the division was completed.

The division's repairers performed combat service in various countries – Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Ethiopia, as well as in the Indian Ocean and South China & nbsp; sea. In 1995, the staff of the division participated in the establishment of constitutional order in the North Caucasus region. On December 1, 2009, the 55th Pacific Naval Fleet Division was reorganized into a separate Pacific Fleet Naval Brigade.

Photo: Eastern Military District Press Service

– A sailor performs tasks on water, on land and in the air, – said the officer … & ndash; The main task is & ndash; this is the implementation against amphibious defense, taking over the bridgehead for the actions of other units, protecting our ships during their stay abroad.

– Selection for health is in progress, the service candidate should have no problems. Good physical fitness. And a professional choice.

– Everyone is busy with their own business, so there is no time to be distracted. There are no indulgences for girls, they ask just like men. And they go shooting and training.

REFERENCE “ MK & # 39; & # 39;

Initially, the Marines were not specially trained anywhere, they arrived in the fleet mainly from ground forces and various schools. Later, cadet training was organized in general military schools in the Far East and Leningrad, as well as in Blagoveshchensk dances and Kolomna artillery schools.

After the political officer explained the fairer sex in the Marine Corps, it became very interesting to ask the girls themselves what they thought of the service.

Senior sailor Ekaterina Volkova. Photo: Lina Korsak

Jekaterina Volková, head of the navy of the independent naval brigade, said that her life changed dramatically almost a year ago. A graduate of the Russian Customs Academy, who worked for several years as a manager-designer, stylist, she suddenly decided that her real profession was military service.

– Yes, he is a custom-made soldier, platoon leader in a sniper rifle company.

– No, we're both from Buryatia. And they met in general in Khabarovsk. Then he was a student at the Sniper School. At that time I was studying at the Customs Academy in Vladivostok. Somehow we decided to go to Khabarovsk for a weekend with friends. The fateful trip is outside. It will soon be ten years of marriage.

– Physically, it wasn't hard for me at all. I do sports and lead an active lifestyle, so there are no problems with physical activity. But initially morally difficult. Especially for civilian girls. You have to abide by the charter, your subordination and you are not used to it. But they absorb themselves quickly.

– Enough.

– Oh, female friendship probably doesn't exist at all, – she can't keep her laughing, my partner answers. & ndash; I don't know why, but it's just as easy with men. They will give you help where you need it and give you an arm.

– Not yet. I also want to serve as a pleasure. I'm always ready to go to the training ground, jump with a parachute, shoot. I really like it all.

– I recently made my first independent jump from a height of 900 meters. Emotions are definitely unreal. The worst was when the door on the plane opened, holding them “by the wrist,” but not letting them out. You look down and it starts to shake. And then you fly, and it's not scary at all, the sky is mesmerizing. Everyone says the second time it's scary. I want to see for myself in the near future.

– I'm not a gardener. But I really like to go shopping, like any girl. Only if they used to prefer dresses and shoes, now clothing stores often turn into voentorgs. Uniform, comfortable ankle boots, backpacks. A woman in uniform is still a woman and you always want to look good.

As the political official told me, on the brigade serves contract soldiers and conscripts. And if everything is clear at first – one independently chooses not the simplest service, then how are things with those whom the homeland has called to the sailors?

Chief Sailor Yegor Shevcov had only 35 days to demobilize. Before paying off his debt to his homeland, the young man studied in the capital at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Services at the Faculty of Sports and Tourism. After graduation, he returned to his native Blagoveshchensk to complete military service on the basis of conscription.

– I wanted to go to serve myself, – says Yegor. – It is my duty and the duty of both man and citizen.

– I've been wrestling since childhood. And I've always been attracted to special forces. I wanted to get to Kamchatka with the Marines or to the Ussuriisk in the airborne forces, but I ended up here. I do not regret anything.

– This is such an interesting question. Of course, life in the army changes dramatically, you have to follow the regime, teams of officers. You can no longer do what you want. But this is a good test of your strength and hardening.

– In every men's team, as you show, they will treat you. You just have to be a normal, decent person. I think we were lucky to be the commander. Personally, they have always supported me in my sports initiative, given me the opportunity to train.

– As usual my mother was worried, my father supported me. No one forced me and no one discouraged me from joining the army. I wanted it myself. Recently, my father said, “It would take me ten years to change you the way you changed, and in a year you went that way.” What else can you say after those words?

– I've been wrestling since I was seven. He was a multiple winner in the Far East. Then, while studying in Moscow, he continued sambo lessons. He won prizes at the Moscow championship, performed at the Russian championships. After injuring the sport for a year and a half, he gave up. But when I came here, I decided to continue training again. It was hard at first. At that time, I weighed more than a hundred kilograms, but in a short time, in four months, I was able to get in shape. I thank the commanders for seeing the potential in me and preferring training. At the very beginning, I said, “Give me time and opportunity, and I'll show you the result.” And so it happened. This year I have 7 medals, of which 5 – & nbsp; gold. He performed at the brigade championship, then – the fleet championship, the district championship. An all-Russian tournament dedicated to the memory of dead border guards took place recently, which was attended by athletes from 21 regions of Russia. And I became the first in my weight category. Before demobilization, I plan to win the Russian championship.

– A lot of things. Some say the military is the loss of the year, but I think it's the best opportunity to understand myself. I was able to understand how human I was, I realized that I could adapt to any situation. The main thing is that I was able to prove that if I really want something, it will definitely be.

– No, not because I don't like it, my whole life is just a sport. I will continue to develop in this direction.

The very name “reconnaissance battalion” shrouded in an aura of mystery and representatives of this profession has always aroused my lively interest and many questions. However, excessive eloquence and sincerity is not about intelligence.

Sergei Rozhenko, commander of the reconnaissance battalion, deputy commander of the communications platoon, has been in the Marine Brigade for ten years. Open face, blue eyes. You'll meet on the street “ in civilian life & # 39; & # 39 ;, you'll never even think you're in front of a Boy Scout.

– The tasks are related to ensuring the security of the brigade headquarters, obtaining information.

– Love what he does. Be persistent, prepared for trouble, for separation from home and family.

– Already resigned.

– Of course it's up to him to decide. But I will support it if he decides to combine his life with the Marines. It's a profession you can be proud of.

Of course, I would like to talk even more with the Marines and also & mdash; visit them with landing exercises. But the meetings that took place were enough to secure: the Marines & mdash; unusual type of troops. And the people in it are real and reliable.

Good luck, Marines!


South Korean authorities say North Korea fired a ballistic missile


North Korea launched two unidentified grenades in side of the Sea of ​​Japan.

Later, Yonghap, referring to the Chiefs of Staff of the Republic of Korea, clarified that it was a ballistic missile.

In response, the Japanese Coast Guard issued a warning to ships regarding the possible launch of a ballistic missile. Start details were not provided.

In Japan, a crisis headquarters was created in the Prime Minister's Office in connection with the possible launch of a DPRK ballistic missile, according to NHK television.

The meeting with the participation of the heads of the Ministry of Defense began at 10:30 local time. At the moment, the authorities are collecting information regarding the launch, the type of projectile and its impact zone.


Boris Johnson denies allegations of sophobia


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he has no interest in everything Chinese. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

He noted that as mayor of London he had visited China several times – they were “fantastic trips”.

According to him, the British government does not intend to “pick up” all the offers from China, because their investments have a large share in the economic life of the United Kingdom.

“I've said it many times and I want to say it again – I'm not a sinofob. I have a long way to go. “- he stressed.

Johnson also acknowledged the difficulties in relations between London and Beijing, in particular the development of bilateral trade cooperation.


Zelensky promised to urgently restart the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

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As stated by the ICTV Channel , President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in an interview with journalists announced the restart of the Constitutional Court in the country, which will take place in the coming days.

The head of state clarified that the restart of the Constitutional Court will take place as soon as the composition of judges is restored.

“We were waiting for their representative at the Constitutional Court from the Supreme Council … This will happen in the coming weeks, because for sure,” he assured, adding. that a vote on the CCU law will then take place immediately

Zelensky boasted of the gas crisis in Europe: Ukraine warned